Press Room

2013-10-11 16:39:07

EPCholine™ High purity GlyceroPhosphoCholine(GPC)
EPCholine is high purity GlyceroPhosphoCholine (GPC) hydrolyzed from soybean phospholipids. It can be used as a versatile life support nutrient or an active pharmaceutical ingredient for people of various ages.

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2013-10-11 16:36:01

Color Bakery with Natural food colors
EPColor ColorDispersible(CD) provides an all-natural solution to make water-soluble colorsbecome water insoluble. CD can make water-soluble colors (such as sweet potato red, saffloweryellow) become usable in fat/solid condition. Not only ex

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2013-09-27 11:24:53

EPCsterol™ --Phytosterols
EPCsterol is a mixture of plant sterols which are obtained from vegetable oil. EPCsterol mainly consists of sitosterol, stigmasterol and campesterol.The content of total phytosterols can be adjusted from 90% to 95% uponrequests from customer

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2013-09-27 11:07:24

EPC Green Tea Concentrate
EPC green tea concentrate is a portfolio of high quality, all natural andwater-extracted green tea caffeine that can provide superior health andenergy effects to meet consumers growing demands for all-naturalingredients in dietary supplemen

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2013-09-27 10:55:19

EPCemon™--A unique lemon balm extract
EPCemon TM is a unique lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.) extract with high concentrated rosmarinic acid. It can be used mainly as natural preservative because of its powerful antioxidant ability and free radical scavenging capacity in food

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