02. 2012

Established the product lines


Product lines of EPCevia TM, EPColorTM, EPCimpleTM, EPCeuticalTM and EPCosceutialTM were established.

More than 100 patent applications worldwide have been obtained.

03. 2010

91 patent applications worldwide


91 patent applications worldwide have been obtained.

03. 2004

Production center


Production center was set up in Tianjin, China

06. 2003

R & D center


R & D center was set up in Beijing, China

05. 1994

Set up  the distribution service center


The distribution service center was set up by additional representative office in Shanghai, China 

03. 1990

Founded as EPC Consulting GmbH in Germany


EPC Consulting GmbH in Germany with a representative office was founded  in Beijing,  acting as the trading agency for foreign customers.(“EPC” represents Erhard Pawelzik China)